Bee Hive Products from ABC Farm Colorado in Roggen

Colorado Proud Honey

At ABC Farm we love our bees, their work ethic and the wonderful products they produce.
Honey Bees are essential to our diverse environment. They pollinate our crops and flowers keeping our ecosystem in balance.
Not all the honeys are the same. Honey varies year to year because of the weather.
Honey is a natural sugar and since it has no additives it's easy on the stomach.
Honey also has an indefinite shelf life.  ABC Farm strives to keep honey in its most natural state.
This allows you to taste honey that is pure in flavor, color, and texture. ABC Farm Colorado in Roggen

Keeping It Pure

ABC Farm retains these natural honey qualities and all the nutrients by making sure that all our honeys are unpasteurized, unprocessed  and filtered.

We use centrifugal force to extract the honey from the frames, allowing us to present some of the finest honeys.

We Offer The Best

Honey – Glass Jar 1lb


Raw Honey Comb


Honey Straws


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