Alpaca Fashions, Dryer Balls and Blankets and MORE!

Finest Fiber for Finest Products

We are proud to bring you the best in Alpaca Fashions and Dryer Balls and Blankets. Alpaca Fleece Socks  Arm Warmers with matching Hats, Leggings and Ponchos. All soft, warm and simply amazing.  We work with Top Artisans who use our Alpaca Fleece to bring you Quality Alpaca Fashions, Blankets and MORE! 

You Won't Believe it!!

  • Naturally soft, luxurious, strong and warm is why Alpaca Fleece is the Best! 
  • Alpaca vs. wool?  Alpaca is warmer! 
  • Smooth hollow fiber = warmth and strength without itch.
  • Exceptional warmth is due to alpaca's hollow core fiber
  • Alpaca is warm even when wet!
  • Naturally breathable fiber wicks away moisture.
  • Alpaca fiber is naturally odor free.
  • Strong and durable for long lasting wear.

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Worth The Wait

We are proud to present our Alpaca Products. Please keep checking as we keep adding new products !!