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We are proud to bring you the best in Alpaca Fashions and Dryer Balls and Blankets. Alpaca Fleece Socks  Arm Warmers with matching Hats, Leggings and Ponchos. All soft, warm and simply amazing.  We work with Top Artisans who use our Alpaca Fleece to bring you Quality Alpaca Fashions, Blankets and MORE! 

You Won't Believe it!!

  • Naturally soft, luxurious, strong and warm is why Alpaca Fleece is the Best! 
  • Alpaca vs. wool?  Alpaca is warmer! 
  • Smooth hollow fiber = warmth and strength without itch.
  • Exceptional warmth is due to alpaca's hollow core fiber
  • Alpaca is warm even when wet!
  • Naturally breathable fiber wicks away moisture.
  • Alpaca fiber is naturally odor free.
  • Strong and durable for long lasting wear.

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Alpaca Facts - why are they the best !!

They are Ancient

Alpaca fleece the silkiest in nature.

 Alpacas were domesticated by the Incas more than 6,000 years ago and raised for their exquisite fleece,

Beyond their charming, quirky good looks, these creatures are responsible for bearing some of the silkiest, most versatile fiber found in nature, for which they are shorn annually. 

They grow superlative, hypoallergenic fleece

hypoallergenic alpaca fleece

  Alpaca fiber is much like sheep’s wool, but warmer and not itchy. It is lacking in lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic and also allows it to be processed without the need for high temperatures or harsh chemicals in washing. Alpaca is a specialty fiber that has been described as stronger than mohair, finer than cashmere, smoother than silk, softer than cotton,warmer than goose down and better-breathing than thermal knits.

They're flame-resistant!

fire resistant alpaca fleece

 Well, technically their fiber is 

 flame-resistant, meeting the standards of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's rigid testing specifications as a Class 1 fiber for use in clothing and furnishings.

Think about having that extra security on your bed with an alpaca blanket or on your body!! 

They're water-resistant

water resistant alpaca fleece

Like wool, alpaca fiber is water-resistant, but it can wick away moisture because of its unique ability to mimic cotton in moisture regain. These

attributes are what make alpaca feel lighter than wool but warmer than cotton in cool and damp climates.

There are two types of alpacas in this world


 Alpacas come in two types: Suri and the huacaya. The suri has fiber that grows long and forms silky dreadlocks. The huacaya has a woolly, dense, crimped fleece — like a teddy bear — giving it a very wooly appearance. About 90 percent of all alpacas in the North America are huacayas.

They hum and haw ... and orgle

alpaca noises

 Humming is the most common sound that alpacas make. Alpacas hum when they are curious, content, worried, bored, fearful, distressed or cautious. When startled or in danger, a staccato braying is started by one animal, then followed by the rest of the herd in the direction of the potential threat. During breeding, the male alpaca Romeo emits a unique throaty vocalization called “orgling.”