About Us


ABC Farm is home to Alpacas, Bees and Chickens and much more. We are passionate about free range farming and are thrilled to be producing all natural products.Our Alpacas produce the finest natural fiber. Our bees are busy making honey. Our chickens are 100% free range and lay beautiful all natural eggs. Our soaps hand-made with only natural ingrediants.

No beak trimming

No wing trimming

No toe trimming

No antibiotics in feed

No pesticides used on the land

ABC FARM Products are always Pure.

NO Preservatives!

NO Animal Products!

NO Petroleum Products!

NO Parabens!

NO Lauryl Sulfate!

ABC Farm products and services:

  • Alpaca Clothing
  •  Raw honey
  •  Farm fresh chicken eggs
  •  All Natural Soaps, Bath Bombs
  •  Lip Balm
  • Local Farmers Markets and Special Events Participation 
  • Shipping or Delivery Service

Who We Are

We at ABC FARM strive to bring you the BEST!  Our soaps and lip balms are hand-made and only use natural ingredients. We love Alpacas and are raising them for great fleece qualities and personality! 

Our chickens are  fed  natural whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  During the day they are allowed to roam our pastures. You will notice the difference in our eggs from those store bought ones ! 

 Our honey is from Colorado Proud Bees and goes to you Raw and Unrefined. 

We Work with Mother Nature. 

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