Alpaca Fashions

Alpaca Clothing Fashions in Colorado

We belong to the AFCNA Co-op. This means that we send our fleece to the co-op and in return they have wonderful Alpaca clothing fashions made for us . So, when you buy any of our Alpaca fashions you could be wearing one of our very own Alpaca fleeces. We have a very wide range of fashions to offer you from socks to coats. We also have products for your home and pet. We strive to offer the lowest prices with the best quality of Alpaca fleece. Sit back and start your shopping for that special birthday,anniversary, and of course lets not forget Christmas. If you do not see a color, size, or item, just let us know. Call or e-mail us, so we can get you what you need or want.. We are constantly updating our products and we just may not have it on our site quite yet. Alpaca fashions have a minimum of 70% alpaca fleece whiles some are 100%.